Lead Artist for a startup

Hello! Are you curious and want to constantly learn how to create more wonderful things? Are you interested in everything art+games related? You get along with Unity and its 3D features, and want to use it to its full potential to create amazing looking games that still work great on mobile devices.

We could list a long line of secondary requirements here, but why? Your most important quality is that you have a vision about what looks good, and you have some kind of an idea on what needs to be done to get there, and everything else can be learned.

What we offer:

– Play a big role in creating amazing next generation mobile games 🙂

– A supportive environment where you can hone your skills, and always focus on the most important things.

– Take responsibility of your work and on how to do it, and have your opinion heard across domains

– Focus on using your time wisely, not crunching overtime.

– Get a decent(ish) salary, and depending on your experience/skill level, let’s discuss other compensation methods that suit you. (Not Supercell amounts of salary though, yet ;), we are a new startup, but we have some funding with proper future plans, so no worries about the foreseeable future.)

What is No Roof Games:

– We have lots of experience in single and multiplayer casual mobile games, and we can create those in decent time, so we focus on those.

– Focus on organizing and simplifying our work so we can focus on the most important things first.

– A growing, but currently (very) small team, so joining now will give you the best chance to make a difference 🙂

We are a remote/hybrid company, with an office space in Tampere (Hervanta).

Send a link to your portfolio&cv to jobs@noroofgames.com, and lets have a chat! Don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything you’re wondering, we’ll try to answer all your questions openly!