Hello! No Roof Games is a fresh mobile game company just out of the oven. I don’t know how you ended up here, but now that you are here, let me tell you my vision for a company, maybe it has some value to you.

(Warning! I’m a software architect by trade, so I certainly think passionately about architecture and easy development 🙂

Why no roof?

You can’t really see the stars if there’s something blocking you. It doesn’t mean that you have to aim for a huge success at any cost, but don’t limit yourself by thinking too small, or with unnecessary constraints.

Work with honesty

Focus on the most important things, and do them with a passion for quality. Trust yourself, but verify with real players. Be smart, think ahead, keep it simple, and focus on the most important things first.

Easy architecture

Easy&clean architecture leads to faster development, and fast prototyping increases your chance to hit a great game! Good architecture doesn’t make a good game, but it can certainly break it. Imagine having a great game with good numbers, and then getting riddled with bugs, performance problems, and slow development times, when you could be focusing on bringing new cool (and profitable) features to your players!

Enjoy your work

If you don’t like something in your work, then fix it as soon as possible. Start immediately.

  About Me

I’m Mikko Vartiala, an industry veteran with 12 years of mobile games development. I previously worked as co-founder/CTO of Hyperkani. I love to solve complex problems with beautiful, easily maintanable solutions. I play&watch too much Hearthstone Battlegrounds. I’m a graduate of Tampere University of Technology. I live in Tampere, Finland with my fiancée and 𝜋, our dog.


Company status

I just started the company myself, and I’m currently prototyping some casual games that I’d like to play. Some ideas are quite simple single player games, and others are a bit more complex multiplayer games. (Why are there so few good games in the play store? Let’s try to fix that!). At first, I plan on outsourcing the needed graphics, or if I’m lucky enough to come across a talented one, then hiring an art lead. I have some funding, but not yet enough to hire a full team, instead I’m focusing on creating something worth showing to other people, and let’s see where we go from there!

If this seemed interesting, and you’d like for any reason to contact me, then please send me an email to, or use any other channel (Tampere Game Dev slack, Linkedin), I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts!

Good luck in your endeavors!